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Systemische Therapie und Beratung in BerlinPRINT

Systemic Couple Therapy / Systemic Family Therapy (Berlin)

Dr. Marie-Luise Conen, Dipl.- Psychologist, Dipl.-Paedagoge, Master of Education (M. Ed) Temple University Philadelphia, born 1949

I am working as a systemic therapist for more than 27 years. I am licensed by the German Association of Family therapy and Systemic Therapy (DGSF) and by the Systemic Association (SG).

I am trained in several long-term trainings in systemic therapy, couple and family therapy as well as a group therapist and supervisor. This included the training at the Philadelphia Child Guidance Clinic in Philadelphia. My trainings included the work with internationally known trainers and therapists, who are mostly the founders of family therapy / systemic therapy. Some of them are part of the training in systemic therapy my institute offers. I am attending and presenting at international conferences and workshops annually in order to qualify myself continually and include the latest information and discussions in the field.

My major focus in my work:

Individual Therapy (Berlin)

Crisis and blockades in private life and in the work place; problems in family businesses; loyalty conflicts, problems with setting limits; depression and fear/ phobic attacks, substance abuse; problems with impulse control and aggression; psychotic behavior; sexual abuse.

Systemic Couple Therapy (Berlin) 

Lack of sexual interest; problems with sex; Daily problems and hassles in creating the daily chores – connected to different wishes and ideas, which are not bindable; family demands which are contributing to a difficult couple situation; loyalty ties to ones family of origin; intentions of one partner to leave the relationship; affairs and extra marital relationships, couples after the affair; impasses in overcoming the affair and its impact on the relationship; heavy work load and demands, which are leaving little space and energy for the couple relationship; stucked point of views of the partner and lack of interest and curiousness of a partner long known.

Systemic Family Therapy (Berlin) 

Problem in raising the child/ children; Problem behavior of the child or adolescent within the family; aggressive behavior towards siblings, co-students, other persons and authority figures – including the parents – which are not accepted by the child. Aggressive actions against the parents; problems in getting along with peers, school truancy, problem with school performance, school failure; problems with self esteem, suicidal thoughts; psychosomatic symptoms; addictions (from computer to drugs); quarrels around life style, leisure time, friends, partner choice and decisions around school and job decisions.

Struggles between parents and adolescents are my speciality in my work with families, particularly if the daily arrangements are stuck in endless fights and talking to and reaching each other seems impossible, which does happen more often in patchwork families. In families with adolescents I might talk occasionally to family members alone.

In addition to this I work also with families with “adult children” / family members who are part of a family business, in which conflicts and problems occur linked to the fact that family members work together in this business and issues of responsibility, positioning, finance, work load, business policies, handing over the business etc. are problems.

Duration and costs of systemic therapy 

The first session takes 90 minutes in the average, the following sessions will last 75 minutes. The first sessions costs 110,-- EUR and the following sessions each 100,-- EUR.

The therapy can last between 5-20 sessions, the average is between 10-12 sessions. After each session we agree if a next sessions is seen as necessary; there is no fixation of number of sessions in advance.

Systemic therapy is attaching an importance to the idea that time is needed between the sessions to realize new aspects and to develop new ideas and practice with new behavior. Therefore the appointments are arranged 2 to 4 weeks or even 6 weeks apart, so a therapy can stretch with few sessions over a year.

The fee for individual systemic therapy is not paid for by the German Health Insurance (HMO) system, couple therapy and family therapy has to be paid privately as well.

Waiting time 

Normally I do not have a long waiting time, I try to arrange the first session as soon as possible, to be of help especially in situation of crisis to look for first ideas that might lead stop a turmoil and can help one to cope better with the daily struggles within the family.

At times after the summer vacations and before and after Christmas it might be possible that I have a waiting list.

Making an appointment 

If you have further questions or need more information or want to make an appointment for a first session, please call me or send me an email to:
I am not able to give fixed times when I will be reachable, but please try also in the evening or leave times when you can be reached by phone. I will try to call back as soon as possible. Telephone number: 030 - 795 47 16

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